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* * * * * * * In the berg's mouth there is the ordinary wavelets as in Fig. 5.6 _a_, except that the angle of refraction is less than 60° and hence the wavelets are in the shadow of the cliff. A whole cloud of wavelets would be generated if the water were moving at a higher speed. (The above explanations refer to the moving bed of water.) In the case of a free or unconfined current (Fig. 5.6 _b_), the shape of the wavelets is much different, and is similar to those shown in Fig. 5.6 _c_, where the wavelets are travelling horizontally, under the influence of gravity. After the whirlpool has attained a certain size and depth, the contrary movement to that which it is producing in its substance is noticed. That is to say, the water does not start moving towards the shore but at an angle equal to 60°. The reason is obvious: The water is acting with the bed on which it is travelling, and if the bed were to move in the opposite direction it would be impossible to stop the current. That is why the current moves with some difficulty in its substance; for its molecules tend to follow the more energetically the walls of the whirlpool, instead of the walls of the channel in which the water is running. The current is not absolutely free; its boundary is the shape of the whirlpool itself, as already explained. To see the whirlpool in its glory, it must be taken out of the channel and into the sea where it will appear as a whirlpool in the midst of the waves. That is the reason why Fig. 5.7 represents the formation of a whirlpool in the middle of the waves, which must be reproduced as _b_ and _c_, as seen in Fig. 5.8. _b_ and _c_ are cases of moving water, _d_ is the stationary sea. In the berg,



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